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TNT Night: Chant Flyer and Roll Call

TNT Night is Thursday as the Kings host the Thunder in Sacramento's only appearance on national TV this season. There were fewer than 1,000 tickets remaining as of early Monday ... so get them if you haven't already. It's a Blackout game, and the Kings are asking fans to wear black to the game. Black rally flags and purple glowsticks will be handed out at the door as the team will replay its wild intro from opening night.

Linked to this text is the official Here We Stay chant flyer for the game. We have a number of flyers for HWS to hand out before the game, but it worked quite well last year when we also had fans from Sactown Royalty print up some flyers to hand out within the section at the gym.

Given that, let's get a roll call going for the game. Do you have tickets, and what section are you in?