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Proposed June Ballot Measure on Use of Parking Assets Fails 5 to 4

The Sacramento City Council today voted on a motion put forth by Councilwoman Sandy Sheedy that would have left the decision on whether to use the leasing of parking assets to partially fund an Entertainment & Sports Complex to the voters. The measure would have appeared on the June 5th ballot and would have essentially killed the Arena plan.

The Council voted 5 to 4, a much closer vote than most anticipated, as Councilmembers Sandy Sheedy and Darrell Fong have been the only consistent detractors of a new downtown arena. Joining them in votes to put the measure on the ballot were Kevin McCarty and Bonnie Pannell. Mayor Kevin Johnson, Angelique Ashby, Steve Cohn, Robert Fong, and Jay Schenirer all voted to keep the parking lease off the ballot.

This vote was too close for comfort, but we move on. The next City Council meeting will take place on February 14th, where parking will be discussed. I encourage you all to come and speak your mind. We need to show the City Council our support. This battle will not be over until shovels are in the ground.