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Kings Look To Bounce Back Against Warriors

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The Sacramento Kings couldn't keep a good thing going, falling short in a comeback bid on Sunday against the Atlanta Hawks to end the team's winning streak at two. The Kings hung with Atlanta in the first half, but couldn't stop Josh Smith -- heck, they couldn't even make Smoove consider slowing down for just a second. Some critical mistakes on offense in the final two minutes neutered the Kings' comeback attempt.

But we're only a third of the way through this long homestand, with the Golden State Warriors visiting Tuesday. The Warriors are just ahead of the Kings in standings in both the Pacific Division and Western Conference, but are honestly much better than Sacramento when you look closer. Golden State is 4-1/2 games ahead in the standings and has an average game margin of -1.74, No. 21 in the league. That compares to the Kings' No. 28-ranked -6.68 average margin.

As was the case when the teams met in late January and early February, the Kings are a better home team than the Warriors are a road team and vice versa. Both previous games were tight, but the home team prevailed in each, with the Kings' win coming in overtime. The Warriors are -4.1 on the road, the Kings are -1.6 at home.

Expect Jason Thompson or Chuck Hayes -- traditional power forwards -- to start against David Lee. The game's at 7, with game threads scheduled at 7 and 8:30. Let's go Kings!