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Warriors Trade Trickle Down: Is Dorell Wright Available?

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The Golden State Warriors, who may or may not have beaten the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday (too close to call!), executed a blockbuster trade on Tuesday, shipping out Monta Ellis, Kwame Brown and 2010 No. NotGregMonroe pick Ekpe Udoh for Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson. Bogut instantly becomes the best center the Warriors have had since Dan Gadzuric Adonal Foyle Erick Dampier Felton Spencer Todd Fuller Cliff Rozier Victor Alexander (!) Alton Lister Jerome Whitehead ... you get the point. It's been a while.

But in addition to Bogey, the Warriors retained the services of StackJack, fitting because it was Golden State who gave Jackson the incredible contract the wing is now on. Milwaukee took it on in our Trifecta Of Ugly deal that "landed" John Salmons with the Kings. The wreckage from that landing remains. And that's sort of the point of my inquiry here ...

Assuming Klay Thompson ascends at shooting guard, Jackson likely lands at small forward. We know that Mark Jackson fetishizes defense, so one can reasonably expect that Stephen Jackson will be getting plenty of minutes. If you follow the Warriors or play in a deep fantasy league, you'd know that Dorell Wright, who averaged 38 minutes per game last season, is losing ground in Jackson's rotation. With the StackJack acquisition, he could get knocked out all of the way.

The Warriors also took on huge additional salary for next season -- an extra $8.5 million. The luxury tax does not appear to be a threat, but Golden State has already used amnesty and could seek some flexibility to re-sign Brandon Rush, Nate Robinson or add a piece in the backcourt. Wright is due $4.1 million next season.

The Kings still desperately need a small forward so that Tyreke Evans can return to the backcourt in some role. Wright is a minutes mule -- 3,100 minutes at a 15 PER last season! -- and he fills an immediate positional and skill (three-point shooting) need for the Kings. Yet he's a bit superfluous for Golden State.

Would the Warriors be amenable to a Wright for J.J. Hickson deal? That would both save the Warriors money this season and next season, and give them a chance to audition one of the league's finest young big men. The Kings could include a second-round pick, if needed. Would the price be closer to, say, Jason Thompson?

Something to consider as one domino sends other tripping over themselves.