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Kings Look to Redeem Themselves Against Detroit

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"And then they tried to stop David by putting Travis Outlaw on him!"
"And then they tried to stop David by putting Travis Outlaw on him!"

Let's just pretend last night never happened, alright?

The Kings are now 2-2 on this 9 game homestand and haven't looked particularly lively in their past two contests, both losses. Last night's contest was particularly humiliating, as they got completely stomped by a depleted Warriors team missing their two biggest stars. According to Coach Keith Smart and some players after the game, the Kings were overconfident, and they paid the price. All season we've seen the Kings step up against very good teams, and wilt before our eyes against the not-so-good teams.

Well the Pistons come into town tonight and they're one of those non-sexy not-so-good teams. The Pistons are playing much better as of late, even though their record doesn't show it. Since beating the Kings in Detroit back on February 17th (Isaiah Thomas' first start), Detroit has gone 5-5 with wins over the likes of Boston, Atlanta and the Lakers. All those wins were at home though.

The Pistons are considerably worse on the road, having gone just 3-16 and are one of just three teams with less road wins than the Kings. Their sole wins on the road have come against Charlotte (a very bad team), New Jersey (a bad team) and Boston (a good team). That doesn't mean the Kings should take the Pistons lightly, because that's a slippery slope that leads to performances like yesterday's.

Game's at 7 PM, Game Threads at 7:00 and 8:30. For more on the Pistons check out Detroit Bad Boys. Let's Go Kings!