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NBA Trade Rumors: Celtics Reportedly Interested In Kings' J.J. Hickson

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Via CelticsBlog, Fox Sports Ohio's Sam Amico tweeted today that the Boston Celtics, who just lost Chris Wilcox for the season with a heart ailment, are kicking the tires of one J.J. Hickson. Hickson hasn't played in a week, purportedly due to injury, though it's been crystal clear that the team has little if any use for him going forward ... despite conceding a protected first-round draft pick to obtain him, oh, eight months ago.

The Celtics are over the luxury tax threshold, and Hickson has been pretty terrible, so it's difficult to imagine a scenario that works out for both sides. Hickson is on the books for $2.3 million, and the Kings are plenty under the cap, allowing Sacramento to take on more salary than is sent out in a trade. Boston does have its own 2012 first-round pick (and the Clippers' pick, too), which should land in the high teens, but it's hard to imagine the Celtics sending that to Sacramento for Hickson even if the Kings took back Jermaine O'Neal's expiring $6.6 million contract and Wilcox's expiring $3 million deal, which would drop Boston's luxury tax burden to about $2 million (compared to its current $9 million). Replacing Hickson with Jason Thompson might do that trick, though, but doesn't solve Geoff Petrie's need to lose Hickson.

As CelticsBlog's Roy_Hobbs notes accurately, pairing Hickson with a traditional pick-and-roll point guard in Rajon Rondo could pay dividends. Hickson thrived as LeBron James' pick-and-roll muse in Cleveland.