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NBA Trade Deadline: Will Kings Do Anything At All?

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The 2012 NBA Trade Deadline is at noon Pacific, which puts Geoff Petrie and the Sacramento Kings on the clock. The rumors surrounding the Kings have been rather light, outside of informed speculation that Tyreke Evans is available in the right deal and that the team would love to get something for J.J. Hickson. This is the last opportunity to improve before the draft, where the Kings will almost certainly have a top-8 pick in what's shaping up to be a stacked draft.

Is major improvement in the cards? Is it even desirable at this very point? Given the importance of the 2012 draft to this team's future, and the massive deficit in the standings -- no one is getting this team to the 2012 playoffs at this point, no one -- I would argue that this deadline is all about stockpiling assets, preferably young players or draft picks. If that means parting with any players who will reach free agency in July (Jason Thompson, Donte Greene and, yes, Mr. Hickson), then that's what it means. More cap space is an asset too, even if the team can't use it. That could (hopefully) put someone like John Salmons or Francisco Garcia in play.

The Kings' needs are well-known and deep; no position is off-limits. Stay tuned, and use this as your open thread through the deadline.