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NBA Trade Deadline: Kings Don't Do Anything At All

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The NBA's trade deadline has come and gone. The Kings were not involved in any trades, and the only rumored discussion was the Kings rebuffing Denver's offer of Nene for DeMarcus Cousins about a month ago.

We do not know if the Kings were actually involved in discussions today or not, and to assume that a lack of actions is equal to a lack of effort is unfair and presumptuous. The Kings, like 29 other teams today, were likely working the phones right up to the deadline. And unless we know of a deal that the Kings missed out on, we can't criticize the decision not to make a trade.

This isn't to say we shouldn't be frustrated, simply that we need to be mindful of why we're frustrated.

We're frustrated because the last two games gave us no reason to be excited about the current roster. DeMarcus Cousins is our centerpiece, Tyreke Evans remains as divisively full of potential as he was last week, but we still have JJ Hickson and Travis Outlaw.

We're frustrated because we keep hearing about cap space and being able to lure a big name, big impact player to Sacramento.

We're frustrated because every All-Star break is spent thinking about who we might pick in lottery.

We're frustrated because we fought to keep this team in Sacramento, and we did it, and now we want the Kings to be good again.

We're frustrated because a lack of trades seems like the Kings just aren't trying.

And I get all of that. I share those frustrations. But I'd rather do nothing than do what Denver did, shipping out Nene for JaVale McGee. And I'd rather do nothing than what Portland did, having a public meltdown and fire sale and signaling that they have given up on this season.

I'm tired of waiting. I'm tired of saying that a better team is just around the corner. But the Kings are on their way. They have Cousins and Reke and Isaiah Thomas and Marcus Thornton. That's something you can build on, even if it doesn't happen as fast as we want it to.

And as much as we're tired of hearing about cap space, the luxury tax in the new CBA becomes more and more punitive in years 2 and 3, and that cap space will become even more important as teams let free agents walk in an effort to avoid the tax.

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to be frustrated with the franchise. Being frustrated for the Kings not making the deals we created with the trade machine is not one of them.