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NBA Lottery Watch: Warriors' Tank Job Begins

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A cold sweat came over me when I looked at the box scores for last night's action this morning.

Bucks vs. Warriors. Milwaukee romps with Monta Ellis making his debut. Golden State's starting lineup features David Lee, Klay Thompson, Dorell Wright, Nate Robinson [oh god] and Andris Biedrins [no!]. Dominic McGuire is the second man off of the bench [no!]. Something called a Chris Wright is receiving major minutes [no!]. The team will get Richard Jefferson in there soon (yay?), but Andrew Bogut isn't coming back this season and it appears Stephen Curry's #tanklesprain will keep him on the shelf.

I have come to the realization that the Warriors are not kidding around. They are taking this tank job very seriously.

Remember: the Warriors have one of the top seven picks after the May draft lottery, they keep it. If their pick is No. 8 or lower, they lose it to the Jazz. They need to finish with the league's sixth worst record to feel safe. They are at No. 9 right now. After beating the Celtics, the Kings (15-29) are now basically tied with New Jersey and Toronto for the No. 4 worst record. So basically, the Warriors need to catch up with our pack. New Jersey taking off with Gerald Wallace should help.

The Warriors are totally going to do this. They are totally going to keep their pick.