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J.J. Hickson Has Been Bought Out of His Contract

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A source has told Yahoo! Sports that J.J. Hickson has had his contract bought out by the Sacramento Kings. Sam Amick independently confirmed this as well. There were rumors that the Kings had waived Hickson after yesterday's game, as he was not on the bench with the team.

Ailene Voisin reported earlier this week that the Kings tried "like crazy" to make a deal for Hickson, but there were no takers. That's not a surprise as Hickson has been unquestionably terrible this season. Hickson is averaging 4.7 points on 37% shooting and 5.1 rebounds in 18.4 minutes a game this season. His PER of 10.1 is easily the lowest of his 4 year career as well.

The Kings acquired Hickson in a trade back in June 2011, when they sent out Omri Casspi and a conditional first round pick to Cleveland for the PF. Hickson started out the season in the starting lineup but later found himself replaced in the rotation by Jason Thompson and Chuck Hayes.

Hickson was set to be a Restricted Free Agent this off-season, but it's clear the Kings did not consider him to be a part of their future plans. Hickson also did not seem happy with his reduced role on the Kings. This buyout comes as little surprise to me. As to all former Kings players, I wish J.J. the best of luck going forward with his career.


The Kings have sent out an official press release announcing that they have waived J.J. Hickson. No other explanation was given by the front office at this time.