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NBA Trade Rumors: Would Kings Really Move Tyreke Evans?

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From Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee, replying to a fan tweet:

The player the Kings could move if it lands a vet leader type is Tyreke. That's what I keep hearing.

(Burying the lede in your replies, boss?)

"Vet leader type" is pretty wide-ranging, from someone like Rajon Rondo to Tony Parker to Danny Granger to, heck, Luol Deng or Monta Ellis or Pau Gasol. Pretty much everyone drafted before 2007 could be called a "vet leader type," even the guys like Stephen Jackson (wretch) or, uh, John Salmons. Here's a dose of hope: at least the Kings cannot trade Tyreke Evans for John Salmons! It's illegal under the current collective bargaining agreement!

To me, if you're trading Evans for a "vet leader type," nothing less than a legit current All-Star is suitable, and 29 years old is the top end of acceptable age. That puts Rondo, Deng and Parker (among the names listed above) in my 'possibly OK' camp. (I'm not fully sold on a Rondo-Evans deal, for the record, and I'd have qualms about straight-up trades for any of the names mentioned.)

Beyond that, the key question is this: why? Is the team so close to contention that a young, versatile perimeter player with All-Star potential is worth giving up on for a right-this-second talent infusion? Is the team ready to sell the farm because Isaiah Thomas looks good? This is just a rumor, and not a terribly prominent one -- it isn't even clear Jones really believes it.

We'll see what further rumors shake out of the tree this month.