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Report: Kings To Extend Geoff Petrie's Contract Again

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Peter Vecsey, the dean of NBA rumors and columnist for the New York Post, has an interesting report on the Sacramento Kings amid a longer report on the state of the league's general manager ranks.

Word has it Kings president Geoff Petrie is about to sign a new deal. Wonder if the Maloof Brothers know he claimed Travis Outlaw (32-104, including 6-35 from deep) off the amnesty wire for $3.5 million.

The Kings actually paid just $12 million over four years for Outlaw -- $3 million -- but that's a minor quibble. Would anyone be surprised if the Maloofs signed Petrie to a new forever deal? Any little bit of progress seems to draw a double-down from the brothers. Remember Petrie's last extension: it was inked in late December 2009, as the Kings began the season 14-16 behind Tyreke Evans and under Paul Westphal. After the extension, the Kings went 11-41. Westphal went down in a blaze of glory and Evans is now in the backseat in terms of young centerpieces.

But hey, good job picking Isaiah Thomas! Here's some more job security. This would be a completely believable and totally unbelievable at the same time.

Petrie is the NBA's longest tenured GM, and the Kings are tied with the Wolves for the longest current playoff drought. Petrie is signed through 2012-13 already, and he is currently on the low end in terms of pay, so the need to ink a new deal now seems ... odd.