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Geoff Petrie, Maloofs Deny Kings' Extension Is In Works

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Jason Jones of The Bee talked to Geoff Petrie and the Maloofs, and everyone denied Pete Vecsey's report that the Kings are working on an extension for the team's longtime GM. This is totally believable for two reasons: other pieces of Vecsey's column have also been refuted, and it really makes no sense to extend Petrie right now, even by this team's standards.

Even for Petrie, it doesn't necessarily make sense -- he hopes and believes the team will be in a better position at this time next year, and that the Maloofs will be closer to profitable in Sacramento. That's when he wants to ink an extension: with the team looking good and the owners' finances looking good. Those remain question marks, but that's the risk you take.

The Maloofs do commit to Petrie for next season, reaffirm their adoration for what Keith Smart is doing and intone that "eventually it's going to translate into wins."

For fans like me who would sooner turn the front office over to Ailene Voisin than give Petrie an extension, this is good news.