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The Steve Alford Theory: Why Keith Smart Won't Play Jimmer Fredette

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U MAD, Keith Smart?  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
U MAD, Keith Smart? (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Getty Images

An admission: I am secretly obsessed with these amazing theories that attempt to explain why Keith Smart does not play Jimmer Fredette more frequently. We have seen comments elsewhere suggesting that Smart is racist against whites, that he prefers dealing with black players because they won't question his supposedly horrible tactics and because Smart is afraid that Jimmer is better than Marcus Thornton and Tyreke Evans and that collective epiphany would create a messy situation. [These are real.]

I read Ailene Voisin's monthly Jimmer column -- highlight: "Geoff Petrie and his staff approached the draft intending to move Evans to small forward" -- and I scrolled a little too far and I found the most seriously considered Smart-Jimmer fanfic theory yet created.

I give you The Steve Alford Theory, created by a commenter named wyocard.

I have no idea why he chooses not to play Jimmer but it may have something to do with Steve Alford. Twenty-five years ago, Smart had to subordinate his own high-flying college career to Alford, a good-looking, articulate, popular white kid (can I say that?) who could really shoot. Smart may have hit the NCAA tournament winning shot but Alford was the reason that Indiana was even in the game and he was a media darling who then had a mediocre pro career. I don't think Smart can let go of Steve Alford and Jimmer will sit on the bench until either he is traded or Smart is fired--that simple.

You know what they say: revenge is a dish best served 25 years later to a completely different person.