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Bee: Sacramento Arena Plan Appears To Have Five Votes

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As Lenny Kravitz sang, it ain't over 'til it's over. But this is certainly a nice piece of news to wake up to as the Sacramento City Council prepares to vote on the term sheet for a new entertainment and sports complex downtown with contributions from the Kings and AEG. From our friends at The Bee:

Four City Council members on Monday expressed support for the preliminary "term sheet" agreed to by the city, the Kings and arena operator AEG to build a $391 million arena in the downtown railyard. With the mayor's support, that adds up to the five votes needed for passage of the nonbinding document at tonight's council meeting.

Some at City Hall said they think seven of the nine council members could vote to move forward.

The members who have indicated support are Steve Cohn, Jay Schenirer, Angelique Ashby and Rob King Fong. Kevin McCarty and Darrell Fong are potential adds. Bonnie Pannell looks like a no, and Sandy Sheedy is clearly a lost cause on this issue and anything the mayor leads on.

The city council meets at 6 p.m. on Tuesday on I Street. Please attend, if you can.