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It's Crunch Time On Sacramento Kings Arena Plan

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The Sacramento City Council will meet at 6 p.m. Pacific to take up the term sheet put together last week after city leaders reached a deal with the Maloofs, AEG and the NBA to fund a new entertainment and sports complex at the Railyards. We all love basketball analogies, right? Kevin Johnson has been leaning on them heavily of late, so let's play along. The game is tied, and we have the ball, ready to take the lead. Approval from the City Council puts the plan on a trajectory for completion. It isn't built until it's built, but once the council approves the deal, the onus is put on opponents -- hi, Sandy -- to change the course, be it through legal challenge, foot-stomping or handcuffing themselves to the vacant, barren lands at which the facility will be built. (Won't someone think of the tumbleweed?)

But the game is still tied. We still need this bucket to go in. We're still waiting for KJ to finish the job. He's been flawless in this game so far, but this comeback required perfection. We're one vote from taking the lead, hopefully for good. Let's go.

Use this story as an open thread for the City Council meeting. If you can't make it in, you'll be able to watch online. If you can make it in, please do. We need to give the mayor all of the support we can. We are the sixth man 10th councilmember.