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All Remaining Tickets For Kings Vs. Hornets Priced At $27

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The Kings announced late Tuesday, after the historic vote to approve a funding plan for a new downtown arena, that all remaining tickets for Wednesday's game against the New Orleans Hornets are priced at $27 including fees. The price will open up at 9 a.m. Pacific. The hook is that the Kings have been in Sacramento for 27 years. That the pivotal vote came down 7-2 has not been lost on anyone.

Based on Ticketmaster's online ticketing system, there appear to be plenty of seats that would normally go for more than $100 apiece that will be available. The Hornets game opens a nine-game homestand for the Kings, who have been edged in recent games at home and on the road.

The Kings also released a statement commending Mayor Kevin Johnson immediately after Tuesday's vote. Gavin Maloof was at City Hall, along with one player: Isaiah Thomas.

Check back later today for our Kings-Hornets preview.