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Kings Hire Clifford Ray To Work With Big Men

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In an interesting bit of news from Wednesday, Jason Jones of The Bee reports that the Kings have hired Clifford Ray, the center for the 1975 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors, to work with the team's big men. Shareef Abdur-Rahim and Truck Robinson had been in that role previously. Reef is now an assistant general manager with Sacramento, and Truck moved on last offseason.

Ray has long ties with Keith Smart from coaching in the Continental Basketball Association and with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He's also been an assistant with the Magic and Celtics, and worked with Dwight Howard in Orlando and Al Jefferson in Boston. J.J. Hickson "DeMarcus Cousins in Sacramento" is a nice addition to that list.

Most importantly, Ray once saved a dolphin's life by reaching down its throat to retrieve a large metal screw that the mereswine had swallowed.

He cut his fingernails, greased his arm, put on a pair of gloves, and reached down through the dolphin's mouth, grabbed the screw, and pulled it out.

This will come in handy the next time that Hassan Whiteside accidentally eats his playbook.