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Not-So-Asinine Trade Post: 2011-12 Eastern Conference Edition

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Part Two of the Not-So-Asinine Trade Post, where today we look at the Eastern Conference. To me, there are many more interesting potential possibilities for the Kings in the East than the West. There are a lot of teams in flux in the East, and a couple major trades could shake up the balance of power.

Note: Clicking on each teams logo will link to their salary cap information from It opens in a new window.

Link to Part One: Western Conference Edition


Atlantic Division:


Source: Jeff Clark, Celtics Blog

  • Team Needs:

    We need rebounding and size. Oh, and if you know where the Fountain of Youth is, that would be great.

  • Who Would You Want:

    Any of your big men would be welcome additions to this team, now and in the future. Chuck Hayes (in theory) would provide rebounding and both Thompson and Hickson are young with upside. That said, I haven't been following the Kings closely enough to know what any of their trade values are.

  • Who's Available, Who's Not:
    Anyone on the Celtics is available for a price. That price would seem to be young players and picks, which the Kings have but I'm not sure why they'd give them up for our elder statesmen (unless it is to bring in KG as the one guy that might be able to get through to young Mr. Cousins).
    Also, I believe Tom Ziller floated the idea of the Celtics dumping Jermaine O'Neal's expiring contract on the Kings to get some luxury tax savings this year. The two teams have hooked up on similar deals in the past, but I don't think the Kings would be highly motivated to do it. You can only send $3M cash in a trade and that wouldn't cover O'Neal's $6M salary.
  • Are the Celtics more focused on one more run or on the future?:
    In theory the Celtics are gearing up for one more run AND planning for the future, which is why Danny has one of the hardest and most scrutinized jobs in the business this year.
  • My Analysis: The Celtics are in a very interesting position at the deadline. They've got very attractive assets while still being a good team. I don't think they have enough to make another title run this year by standing still, which is why they'll probably be looking either for a big immediate help or youth for the future. As such, I see the Celtics being most interested in either available stars or young, potential stars. Rajon Rondo is their best asset since he's an All-NBA point guard, young, and on a very reasonable contract. Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett have big expiring deals and would be great pieces on a team looking to make a run this year. That's not the Kings. Paul Pierce is still a very good player but will be 35 next year and still has two big years left on his contract (although the final year is just $5 million guaranteed).
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: Would the Kings be interested in Rondo? I'm sure they would, but it would take one of Tyreke Evans or DeMarcus Cousins, and possibly more. Paul Pierce also still has value, but despite being a huge upgrade for the Kings at the wing, would Sacramento be a contender in one or two years with an aging Pierce? I doubt it. As for Jermaine O'Neal, I could see the deal Jeff and TZ mentioned, especially if the Kings somehow got a pick and cash in the deal. Since the season is already half over, $3 million in cash would likely cover the remainder of O'Neal's contract.


Source: Devin Kharpertian, Nets Are Scorching

  • Team Needs:

    Everything but point guard and center. Defense at the rim, defense on the perimeter, a secondary (or primary) post presence, a #1 option to complement Deron Williams, a small forward who won't break his foot, an assistant coach with X's-and-O's skill, a couple buckets of olive oil, a proofreader, and unlimited glasses of champagne. The Nets are destitute right now outside of their top two -- they've got a lot of players who would function well as the 4th or 5th option on the floor, but outside of Deron (and arguably a healthy Brook Lopez) no one to fill the 1st and 2nd spots.

  • Who Would You Want:

    Travis Outlaw! No, no, no. No, nonononono. In all seriousness, I think the Nets would show some interest in Marcus Thornton or Jason Thompson, or perhaps a cheap Donte Greene.

  • Who's Available, Who's Not:
    Outside of Deron Williams, it's Schrödinger's franchise: with a blockaded vision of the future, everyone is simultaneously on the block and untradeable. The Nets are waiting on the giant other shoe from Orlando to drop, and any move they make compromises their ability to swing a deal for Dwight Howard. Once either a trade goes down or it's clear that Dwight's staying in Orlando, it's open season. With that said, I don't see the Nets trading Lopez or MarShon Brooks in any deal that doesn't involve Dwight.
  • Are the Nets All-In on a Dwight/Deron Future?
    I do think at this point it's all-or-nothing -- the Nets either get both or lose both. Both possibilities are very much still on the table.
  • My Analysis: This Nets team is pretty terrible outside of Deron Williams and Brook Lopez. The team traded its biggest assets to Utah last year for Deron in the first place, and are now focusing on trying to send their remaining assets to Orlando to pair Deron with Dwight Howard. I've always liked Anthony Morrow because of his shooting ability, but that's about the only thing he does well, or at all even. MarShon Brooks has been a surprise rookie this year with his scoring ability, and like Devin, I don't see him going anywhere unless a superstar is coming back.
  • Likelihood of a Trade between us: I don't see anything happening with the Nets unless they need a third team in a big trade to dump someone like Mehmet Okur on another team with cap space. Kris Humphries also has a large expiring contract that could be dumped if it needed to be.


Source: Seth Rosenthal, Posting and Toasting

  • Team Needs:

    Honestly...nothing. At the beginning of the year, I could have named a dozen things, but the improvements the Knicks need to make are all in-house at the moment. They're pretty deep at every position.

  • Who Would You Want:

    Again, uh...nobody? The pre-Jeremy Lin Knicks could have really used some guard depth and would've come asking for Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Thornton, or Jimmer, but now there isn't much of room.

  • Who's Available, Who's Not:
    Well, unless you buy into the Melo and Amar'e trade rumors that national writers like to invent, there isn't much. Toney Douglas has fallen out of the rotation and would probably be available for a trade. He's got another year on his contract, though. Douglas for Donte Greene would work financially, but I'm not really sure why other team would do that. Other than that...Bill Walker? No? I'm afraid the Knicks just aren't a suitable trade partner.
  • My Analysis: The Knicks are weird. They have two All-Star guys in Carmelo and Amar'e. They have one of the best defensive centers in the NBA in Tyson Chandler. They have the breakout player of the year in Jeremy Lin who has actually been their best player this season. They have a pretty deep bench as well with veterans like Baron Davis and J.R. Smith. Yet this team is just 18-21. Surprisingly it's their offense that has been struggling. The only player that I'm personally interested in on the Knicks is Chandler and he's not going anywhere after the commitment they made to him and the fact that he's been the centerpiece of their defense.
  • Likelihood of a Trade between us: Seth is right. The Knicks aren't a good trade partner for the Kings, and really for anyone else, unless they do end up wanting to trade one of Anthony or Stoudemire.


Source: Jordan Sams, Liberty Ballers

  • Team Needs:

    The Sixers are in desperate need of a legitimate big man - a guy who can bang in the post, finish around the basket, and protect the basket, whether it's straight up post D or a weak side shot blocker. Spencer Hawes, Nik Vucevic and Lavoy Allen are all finesse guys, who combined, don't attempt as many shots at the basket as a guy like Nene.

    Another pure three-point shooter would also be nice.

  • Who Would You Want:

    Hassan Whiteside. Although, he's still unbelievably raw and has a questionable make-up, he could definitely provide some shot blocking.

  • Who's Available, Who's Not:
    I don't think the Sixers are looking to move anyone significant this spring. I suppose Jrue, Turner and Thad would be considered 'untouchables' as of right now, but with those three it's a little foggy.
  • Sixers are good, but seem like they're still a major piece away, do you agree?:
    They definitely need to add a major piece to ever contend for a title. As it stands, they're the San Fransisco 49ers of the NFL. When Spencer Hawes is healthy and playing well, they can compete with just about anyone because of their defense. However; their lack of a presence on the inside really hurts them on both ends. A lot of their future success depends on the development of Jrue Holiday (who's regressed this season) and Evan Turner.
  • My Analysis: Andre Iguodala has everything the Kings need in a Small Forward except knockdown shooting ability (although he has been surprisingly good this season at 39% from three). But Philadelphia this season has become one of the better teams in the East and probably don't want to downgrade by trading a guy like Iguodala for whatever combination the Kings would give them. I know for a fact the Kings really like Nikola Vucevic and might have even drafted him if Jimmer Fredette and Kemba Walker were gone by 10. Jodie Meeks has fallen a bit out of the rotation with Evan Turner's recent move to the starting spot, and he's a knockdown shooter, although it wouldn't be worth giving up much for him since he'll be a Free Agent this summer.
  • Likelihood of a Trade Between us: Very, very unlikely as much as I and other Kings fans want Iguodala.


Source: Adam Francis, Raptors HQ

  • Team Needs:
    Everything. Seriously, the team had 10 wins going into the All-Star break and has talent deficiencies at nearly every position. Even the team's one position of depth in terms of talent, power forward, still lacks a legit back-to-the-basket presence at this point.

    That being said, the 2-3 position probably needs the most work. DeMar DeRozan has been better of late but for a player many expected to break through this season, he's been a major disappointment. And let's not even talk about the small forward spot. Rasual Butler was atrocious, James Johnson is better as a 4, and Linas Kleiza can't seem to stay healthy.
  • Who Would You Want:

    Outside of Evans and Cousins, I'd say there would be minimal interest from the Raps regarding any other players on the Kings. Most of Sacto's "bigs" possess less upside than Toronto's current stash at the 4, and other for a rebuilding club like TO, others like Francisco Garcia and Travis Outlaw just don't make sense. Oh, and God told John Salmons not to go to Toronto once upon a time, so I doubt the Raps try to bring him north of the border again.

    That being said, Isaiah Thomas looks to have legit potential as a back-up in the league, and for the right price he might warrant at least a phone conversation. But overall the Raps are in a similar situation as Sacramento, looking to unload bad contracts and rebuild, so not a lot of interest I can see.

  • Who's Available, Who's Not:
    Everyone. Well, his small sample of play this season probably means Andrea Bargnani would be tough to pry away, and Jonas Valanciunas isn't going anywhere, but aside from those two...

    As noted at the top, the Raps have needs everywhere so while I'm guessing Colangelo would be leery to deal players like Ed Davis or DeMar DeRozan at this point, even with their lukewarm careers to date, he pretty much has to listen to every offer in hopes of turning this club around. Colangelo only has two years left on his contract after this one and with the way this season is trending, he MUST show some degree of on-court improvement next season. To do that, he very well may need to cash some of his prospect chips in for veteran experience, earlier than perhaps he originally desired.
  • My Analysis: Andrea Bargnani made some big progress this season before getting injured, particularly defensively, and with his ability to score and shoot, I think he'd be a great fit with the Kings inside presences. But as Adam, mentioned, it'd probably take a bit to get him. DeMar Derozan is a less skilled but more athletic version of Tyreke Evans, with an equally terrible jumpshot. The Kings have been interested in Linas Kleiza in the past (Remember the Artest to Denver rumors?) but Kleiza hasn't exactly fulfilled his potential since then, becoming more Andres Nocioni than Danilo Gallinari, but he does have a pretty affordable contract if the Kings were interested. Jose Calderon is a true point guard that is also an excellent shooter (a few years ago he shot 98.1% from free throws, 151 of 154 for the season, and he's about 38% for his career from three). Calderon has one year left on his contract after this year at $10.5 million and would probably be worth more to a team closer to contention. James Johnson is exactly what we've always wanted Donté Greene to be, as a guy who does a little bit of everything, particularly on defense. Leandro Barbosa is also a veteran the Kings might be interested in if they were interested in Jamal Crawford, and he has an expiring contract.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: The Raptors are a team very similar to the Kings, probably with some better veterans but not as good young players. I don't see much happening between the two teams. Earlier in the season I could see the Kings having some interest in Calderon, but with the emergence of Isaiah and the improvement of Jimmer, that's become less of a priority. Kleiza wouldn't be much of an upgrade at the wing either.

Central Division:


Source: Mark Deeks, ShamSports

  • Team Needs:

    At the risk of sounding like a douchenozzle, the Bulls are very close to winning it all. The roster is deep and versatile. If Derrick Rose is healthy, they can win it all. If he isn't, they can't win it all, regardless of what they do. The chances of the Bulls standing pat at the trading deadline are therefore about one million percent. It is not out of the realms of possibility that there's one big trade left in the gun for *insert name of hypothetical star veteran wing player made available by struggling team who happens to be a perfect compliment to Rose*, but we are yet to identify that player. Indeed, the most readily identifiable player of such type at this time last year was Rip Hamilton, and we wound up getting him anyway. Therefore, considering how close they already are, it follows that the Bulls don't need much. They could use a bit more scoring, and a third string centre, but that's it. And given their standard as a competitor, there's nothing they need that can't be partially addressed by the waiver wire. We're not trading for Hassan Whiteside when we could sign D.J. Mbenga. This is not a team that needs to get any younger.

  • Who Would You Want:

    The player who most fits a need from the Kings is Marcus Thornton. But you don't need what we could give you from him (scant more than expirings and underwhelming future assets). That's meaningless to you. But it's all we have, because he is not good enough for Noah and too good for Taj Gibson. We'd probably take a look at Francisco Garcia, but only if you bought him out. That, however, is it. We aren't buying what you are selling and we aren't selling anything.

  • Who's Available, Who's Not:

    No one apart from Rose and perhaps Deng are unavailable for the hypothetical "big" move, the. In terms of small moves, pretty much everyone is unavailable. But on a team so complete, what would be the point, really? With all due respect to Sacramento, while there are players on the Kings who would make the Bulls rotation, those ones aren't available. We have no use for the Donte Greene and Jason Thompson types; our incumbent players are better. And we certainly don't want John Salmons back.

  • My Analysis: What a great team. The Bulls have done a great job of assembling a solid team around Derrick Rose and Tom Thibodeau has done an equally good job of maximizing his talent. There's not much this team needs.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: Mark is right. We don't have anything Chicago would want (that is available) and Chicago doesn't have anything we'd want (and is available).


Source: John Krolik, Cavs the Blog

  • Team Needs:
    Everything that's not a point guard. Varejao is a nice player, but he needs a player who can defend the post AND stretch the floor to be at his most effective, and those guys don't grow on trees. If only there were a 7-foot Lithuanian who makes 80% of his free throws while playing like Joakim Noah and dominating Euroleague about to join the Cavs next season...
  • Who Would You Want:

    I'm drawing a blank. Maybe Jason Thompson? He is a big body who can stretch the floor, so maybe the Cavs would have some interest. The free throws worry me greatly, though. I like Chuck Hayes, but the Cavs probably think they have a younger, cheaper version of Chuck Hayes in Tristan Thompson. That couldn't be more wrong, of course, but teams don't like to admit they completely whiffed on top-5 picks.

  • Who's Available, Who's Not:
    If it's not Kyrie Irving, it's available. Getting Varejao will require a real offer -- the team won't trade him just to trade him -- and the team won't want to give up on TT for a little while, so he'll be tough to get too. (I gave up on Thompson the minute he was drafted, so I have no such qualms, but that is the way of things.)
  • My Analysis: Cleveland got lucky this past summer as they ended up landing two top 4 picks, including the #1 overall pick, Kyrie Irving. Irving has been phenomenal as a rookie, and while he's not at the 20-5-5 level Tyreke and LeBron were, I'd argue he's having an even better rookie season than those two thanks to his efficiency. But what else does Cleveland have? They have a mix of veterans and youth, and will probably look to build on the latter through the stockpile of picks they've built up (including one they received from us in the now-looking-terrible J.J. Hickson deal). Antawn Jamison is still a solid player at 35 years old, and doubles as an expiring contract. Ramon Sessions is a solid, attacking Point Guard who hasn't really gotten the chance to shine since leaving Milwaukee. I'm most enamored with Anderson Varejao though, an excellent rebounding and defensive big man. As John mentions though, it will take a significant offer to acquire Varejao.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: Can we just do a take back on the trade we had with Cleveland this summer? No? Well, alright then. Let's just not trade with Cleveland any more, cut our losses while we're only behind a 1st rounder.


Source: Steve Kays, Pro Hoops Talk

  • Team Needs:

    The Pistons need an athletic, defensive-minded big man to play next to Greg Monroe (*cough* Anthony Davis *cough*). Detroit’s had a revolving door at the power forward position over the past few seasons from Ben Wallace, Jason Maxiell, Charlie Villanueva, and Jonas Jerebko. None have proven to be long-term solutions to complementing Monroe.

    They’re also in need of an elite, dynamic wing scorer. Tayshaun Prince and Damien Wilkins are on the wrong side of 30, Austin Daye has been inconsistent, and Kyle Singler is playing overseas until next season.
  • Who Would You Want:

    There’s no obvious candidates here, but I’ll say Chuck Hayes (although his stats have dipped this season) and possibly Jason Thompson. Maybe Isaiah Thomas, although Detroit already has two undersized point guards. But it’d be awesome to see "Isaiah Thomas" back in a Pistons uniform so fans can reminiscence of the glory days.

  • Who's Available, Who's Not:
    Every player on the Pistons’ roster is available for the right price while the only untouchable on the roster is Greg Monroe. While Brandon Knight and Jonas Jerebko are both productive, young players on cheap contracts, they too could be had for the right price, although it’d take a nice offer to pry them from the Pistons’ clutches.
  • My Analysis: Joe Dumars and the Pistons seemingly refuse to just simply go into a full-on rebuilding effort by trading their expensive veterans for assets, and then they went ahead and did something silly like re-signing Tayshaun Prince to a 4-year deal this summer. The Pistons now have long-term contracts committed to the likes of Prince, Ben Gordon, and Charlie Villanueva. They've committed to Stuckey and Jerebko too, but they're young and have seemingly fair value contracts. Monroe is the real standout here, and probably would have been a King had the Wolves bit on DeMarcus Cousins (Thank you David!). He's not going anywhere though. Austin Daye is a young wing with potential, but I have never liked him. I thought he was a second round prospect that went in the mid-first round for no apparent reason. My suspicions have been confirmed so far, as he's had some flashes in his three seasons but has been largely disappointing. Tyler Honeycutt probably has about as much potential as Daye, with a better head for the game. Brandon Knight has proven to be exactly what people thought he'd be in the draft, a streaky shooting, athletic combo guard. He reminds me a bit of Brandon Jennings without the passing. There's potential there that the Pistons would be silly to give up on so early.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: Not very. The Kings have a better version of Ben Gordon in Marcus Thornton, so we won't be taking that salary. Charlie Villanueva is an older version of Michael Beasley without a weed habit but a larger and longer contract. Prince would be a big upgrade at the three though, but that is quite a bit of money and time to commit to a player who is getting older and whose play has fallen quite a bit this year.


Source: Jared Wade, Eight Points, Nine Seconds

  • Team Needs:
    Bench help; big men; an elite player to pair with the 6 solid, reliable guys currently on the roster; backup point guard, stone-cold scorer
  • Who Would You Want:
    Jason Thompson, I suppose. He's big and he can score a few points. With Tyler Hansbrough currently mired in 20-game slump and Jeff Foster missing most of the year with back problems, the Pacers second unit just can't put together any offense on a consistent basis. Marcus Thornton could help in this regard and could in theory be a great complement on the wing to Paul George, but George Hill is already sort of filling that role in what is probably a more versatile way, if less effective in the main area of need.
  • Who's Available, Who's Not:

    Pacers are in a position of power at the deadline in several ways. They have cap room so they can do things like take on Kaman for literally nothing. But moreover, they don't really need to do anything. This team is somewhere in the same group, if not better than, Philly, Boston and New York. If they could do something that would be a significant upgrade - especially if it could positively add some longer-term certainty to the roster makeup that currently may be letting RFAs Hibbert and Hill test their market value this summer before making any decisions on if they are a part of the big picture rebuild toward, hopefully, contending in Indiana - I think Bird pulls the trigger. But it would have to be the right deal.

    To that same end, I don't think anyone is "untouchable." I really can't see him dealing Paul George, though, unless of course it's part of the cost to get D-Will or Dwight or whatever. But if he's just trading two younger, less proven, cheaper guys for a better veteran, I think he would try to put any of Collison, Hill, Hansbrough, Stephenson into the deal first and also explore Granger before even really taiking too seriously about George. Kid is going to be an excellent two-way player and means a lot in terms of rebuilding fan interest. Just a really good, exciting kid to root for in a way that I don't think Granger can ever be again and Hibbert just isn't.

    Lastly, I can't see much going on between Sacto and Indy even if Reke and DMC were available. DMC has a little too much baggage to be all that enticing in this still-scared-of-the-JailPacers era. Could see a "our meh for yours" in like a Tyler for Thompson but that doesn't make sense for a franchise that is getting some marketability out of Tyler.

  • My Analysis: The Pacers are in an incredibly happy place right now. They've drastically improved this season with the continued growth of their young pieces, and the addition of players like David West and George Hill. The Pacers also have plenty of cap space themselves to take on larger contracts. I've always really, really liked Danny Granger, a prototypical three who can seriously score. He's kind of like a Small Forward version of Marcus Thornton. Paul George is proving to be quite a catch, particularly defensively, which was a big question mark for him coming out of college.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: Does Indiana want to see if what they have now and maybe an additional piece like Chris Kaman can do something? Or do they try to package some of their assets for a big name star? As much as I'd like to land Granger (Thornton for Granger? Eh?) I think the Pacers are going to be patient or looking to make a splash, which the Kings can't give them.


Source: Frank Madden, Brew Hoop

  • Team Needs:

    Something to build around! Following their surprising 46-win campaign in 2010, the Bucks have been trying to surround Andrew Bogut and Brandon Jennings with solid-if-unspectacular veterans in the hope that it could lead to bigger (if not championship-caliber) success. Unfortunately, Bogut has struggled with injuries and Jennings continues to battle questions about his consistency and whether he's the right type of player to build around for the long-term. So in many ways the Bucks are no closer to a long-term plan than they were three years ago before both players had their NBA breakouts.

    Thinking more short term, the Bucks have a pretty stocked bench but lack the quality in their starting five to contend for anything substantial, particularly with Bogut likely out for the season. The only position where they lack depth currently is at center, where they've tempted fate two years in a row by failing to sign a legitimate big man to backup the injury-prone Bogut.
  • Who Would You Want:
    There are certainly a number of interesting players on the Kings' roster, but excluding Evans and Cousins I don't think any of them really stand out as players who would be a huge help to the Bucks. I've always liked Jason Thompson and he could certainly be useful backing up or playing next to someone like Bogut, but I'm not sure he's a clear upgrade from guys like Ersan Ilyasova, Jon Leuer or even Drew Gooden. J.J. Hickson has always been intriguing as well, though he's obviously struggled mightily since arriving in Sacramento. I wouldn't be opposed to taking a flyer on him if the price was cheap, but I'm not sure he would be able to beat out all the other combo bigs on the Bucks' roster for minutes.
  • Who's Available, Who's Not:
    I don't think the Bucks are good enough to consider anyone untouchable, though Jennings and Bogut are tougher to trade simply because their roles (perceived and real) with the franchise. The Bucks would almost have to get back a lottery pick and/or above-average starter to move one of them, and I don't see either being an obvious fit in Sacramento given the Kings' existing personnel. My guess is the Bucks would not deal either Jon Leuer or Tobias Harris unless it was to acquire a high-quality player. Both have played very well when given opportunities as rookies; Harris in particular looks like a keeper given his mature game and the fact that he's still only 19.

    Other than that, the Bucks have a slew of solid players who could help most teams and would be available for the right price. Ilyasova is probably the most interesting because he's putting up a monster year on the boards and he'll be a free agent next summer. My guess is he goes back to Europe unless someone offers him MLE+ dollars, which seemed unlikely a couple months ago but now looks like a more reasonable possibility. I just question if that team would be the Bucks, and as a result I think many of us would like to see the Bucks cash in on him for a pick or a young player who is still developing.

    Dunleavy and Delfino are very useful wings who can shoot, play team defense and share the ball well either as role-playing starters or sixth men. Gooden has put up big numbers since Bogut went down, but I'd be fine seeing him shipped out in a salary dump given the three years he has remaining after this one. Mbah a Moute was just re-signed but he's certainly tradeable for the right price.
  • What's up with Stephen Jackson?
    It's a big question for the Bucks, because Jackson isn't good enough to justify the minutes he's become accustomed to and he doesn't seem ready to admit that. I'd be content to see the Bucks deal him for anything less than another cancer or cap albatross, but the fact that he's still a Buck is indicative of his limited appeal. After watching Skiles play Salmons big minutes all of last year I expected Jackson to be given a similarly long leash this year, but to Skiles' credit he has held him accountable for his poor play and lapses in effort. What surprises me is that Skiles has played him at all of late; it seems like Jackson complains about his situation and Skiles in particular after every game, which doesn't seem like something Skiles would normally tolerate. It makes me wonder if Jackson's sporadic minutes are just a vague attempt to showcase him for a trade. Too bad he's been mostly terrible.

    If they can't dump him during the season then I will be very curious to see if they pull the amnesty trigger on him--honestly it would seem like the best solution to getting rid of him, which should be the Bucks' first priority at this point. Previously I would have pegged Gooden as the most likely amnesty candidate, but he's been useful since Bogut went down and his MLE deal could still be movable.
  • My Analysis: Man this team can't catch a break with Andrew Bogut. A couple years ago it looked like Bogut was ready to step out and become one of the dominant centers in the league, particularly defensively, but he's caught the injury bug as of late, missing major parts of the last few seasons. Brandon Jennings is wildly inconsistent. Still this team has some really nice pieces. I particularly like Ersan Ilyasova, who has really started to emerge these last few weeks, putting up performances like 29 points and 25 rebounds, or 30 points and 10 rebounds. Ilyasova rebounds, can shoot, and plays tough defense. It's been said he wants to go back to Europe next year, but he'll be an unrestricted Free Agent and NBA money will be hard to turn down, particularly after these performances. Young big man Tobias Harris has a bright future ahead of him as well.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: Purely from a financial standpoint, I teased the idea of Salmons for Jackson in my head for a few moments before deciding that I didn't want Jackson's influence polluting the locker room. Say what you want about John Salmons, but his teammates like him. Also the Kings could simply amnesty Salmons if they wanted to be rid of him. As for Ilyasova? His contract is small and expiring, and while he might have been available a few weeks ago, I'm not sure he is now, unless Milwaukee thinks he's going to leave this summer and seeks something in return. If they did, I'd be all over that. Ilyasova would be a great fit next to Cousins, and the Kings could offer him a nice contract extension this summer. We could get Hedo to tell him about how great Sacramento is too!

Southeast Division:


Source: Kris Willis, Peachtree Hoops

  • Team Needs:

    Size and/or long term salary cap relief.

  • Who Would You Want:

    The Hawks and the Kings don't appear to be great matches for trading partners. Of course a lot of teams would like a shot at DeMarcus Cousins but with him untouchable that severely limits Atlanta's looking for size. With that said, Jason Thompson looks like an affordable big that might be attractive to the Hawks. Hassan Whiteside also could draw interest as a project big but Atlanta passed on him in the draft and therefore might not be interested.

  • Who's Available, Who's Not:
    I am not sure any Hawks player is off limits and they probably shouldn't be depending on the deal. If you go by recent moves then Al Horford and Joe Johnson just signed big extensions which leads me to believe that management sees them as a big part of the future.However, I find it hard to believe that they wouldn't move Johnson if they could find someone willing to take on his large deal. The Hawks will have a decision to make next season in regards to Josh Smith who enters the final year of his deal and will likely draw a lot of interest on the open market. I would say that Horford is the most untouchable and point guard Jeff Teague is next given that he is a young athletic option at the point that is still on a rookie deal and is therefore affordable.
  • My Analysis: I only have eyes for two guys on the Hawks: Marvin Williams and Josh Smith. Williams has always lived under the stigma of not being Chris Paul or Deron Williams, but he'd instantly be the best wing the Kings had. He has two years left on his contract, so if the Hawks sought to get some cap relief, that could be a possibility. Another possibility is in Josh Smith, who reportedly wants to be traded by the Hawks. Smith is incredibly talented and just entering his prime years. He's a great rebounder and defender, and an above average scorer and passer. If the Kings were interested in Andrei Kirilenko this summer, I'd have to think they'd be interested in Smith, particularly if he is available.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: I could see a deal with Atlanta. They do not look like a team that is going anywhere as constructed, and want to move some salary. They're probably realizing just how big a mistake giving Joe Johnson a max contract was (they should have just let him walk), particularly since they're not getting over the hump right now. A smaller deal for a guy like Williams could be on the table, but I would love to see the Kings make a hard run at Josh Smith. I would trade anyone on the roster for Smith aside from DeMarcus Cousins (and Isaiah Thomas, but that's just purely emotional).


Source: Ben Swanson, Rufus on Fire

  • Team Needs:

    Talent? The Bobcats could use a big man with a versatile offense who gives more than a half-assed effort every game COUGHdiawCOUGH. They also need a dominant scoring threat. And they could also benefit from having some more three-point shooters. Also, a point guard who could defend penetration would be really nice, especially if he was not worse than Cory Higgins.

  • Who Would You Want:

    John Salmons! Just kidding. Honestly, I don't know a whole lot about the Kings. Possibly Thornton or Hickson for reasons above. Maybe Jason Thompson, though I don't know much of anything about him.

  • Who's Available, Who's Not:
    Especially available from the Bobcats: Diaw, Diop, Carroll and probably Najera, though I'd crap my pants if anyone wants them. Augustin is probably more realistically a piece that's moved before the trade deadline. There aren't many players I think the Bobcats could consider untouchable, per se. Gerald Henderson and Kemba Walker are probably the only two that are untouchable, with Bismack right on the border. I'm hesitant to put Walker and Henderson on there because they're both pretty good players, but I feel like a player needs to be either amazingly good or has that potential to be 'untouchable.' Both these guys have a good deal of potential, but not exactly to be superstars.
  • My Analysis: I'll admit it. I was terribly, terribly wrong about Tyrus Thomas, who has been incredibly disappointing, injury-prone and is now locked up in a big contract. As for other Bobcats? Charlotte will have an interesting decision to make come deadline time with regards to D.J. Augustin. With Kemba Walker on board, Augustin doesn't seem to be part of the future there. So do they deal him to try to get something of value, or do they see what his value is this summer as a RFA to see if they can re-sign him to a reasonable deal? Augustin is a very capable point guard. He's the only available Bobcat I'd be interested in at all.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: I was sure that Augustin was coming back to us in this summer's Salmons deal when I first heard the rumor and it was still unconfirmed as to exactly who was coming back. Now, I'm not sure if Augustin is so much of an upgrade, particularly if you have to pay a lot to retain him this summer. The Kings have two rookie point guards in Isaiah Thomas and Jimmer Fredette who have both shown promise and won't command a big salary for years to come.


Source: Mnelik, Peninsula is Mightier

  • Team Needs:
    Miami is in desperate need to improve their frontcourt and interior presence by adding a "True" center. They believe Joel Anthony is a Power forward playing center, Juwan Howard is too old and are unsatisfied with Eddie Curry's conditioning issues. The Heat cannot afford to take on a heavy contract (i.e. Chris Kaman) and would also like to avoid absorbing an additional players contract in a deal.
  • Who Would You Want:

    Jason Thompson - Thompson looks like the most suitable candidate for Miami, from both a physical and salary perspective. Miami was in the race for Joel Przybilla, who ended up with Portland and Chris Kaman earlier but the Pacers appear to be the front-runners, unless New Orleans can buyout his contract. Thompson is a big enough body, and one of the Kings best two-way players on their frontcourt.

    Hassan Whiteside - Is a solid 7 footer but I doubt Miami would have any legitimate interest because they're looking for someone who has relative experience. Whiteside is similar to what they have already in Dexter Pittman and Mickell Gladness.

    Chuck Hayes - Provides the kind of veteran experience they're looking for but is too undersized.

  • Who's Available, Who's Not:

    James Jones- Miami is overloaded with the 3-point depth and feasibly can afford to trade one of their sharp shooters. Jones has completely fallen out of the rotation and as last years 3-point champion offers legitimate perimeter appeal.

    Mike Miller - Similar to Jones, Miller offers perimeter shooting but also rebounding and play making ability. I think Miami would be a little reluctant to trade Miller but given their depth, would consider as long as they got someone legitimate.

    Shane Battier - Miami would likely be reluctant given Battier's defensive ability but presumably willing if the right deal can be swindled.

    1st round draft pick - This is another possibility, perhaps in addition to a player like James Jones, or even in a straight up deal.

  • My Analysis: This team is just unfair, but you all knew that. They do have a wealth of sharp shooting wings that I'd be interested in, such as James Jones who has fallen out of the rotation due to Miami having more well-rounded players ahead of him. Jones is a knock down shooter, but that's all he does.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: I think the addition of a sharpshooting wing would be good for the Kings and mayhaps they could get something else as well. A trade of say J.J. Hickson (to re-unite with James) to Miami for Jones and their pick would seem to work well for both sides. Hickson isn't the defensive minded big man they've been looking for, but he's had documented success with James, and gives Miami his RFA rights if it works out there. The Kings would get a pick and a cheap, reliable shooter.


Source: Evan Dunlap, Orlando Pinstriped Post

  • Team Needs:

    The Magic's biggest needs are at point guard and at backup big man. Jameer Nelson and Chris Duhon simply can't get it done for Orlando--neither can handle on-ball pressure, Nelson's struggled mightily with his shot, and Duhon doesn't do much apart from hit the occasional open three off the catch--while Glen Davis has been a disaster as the backup to Dwight Howard at center and Ryan Anderson at power forward. Another need is a wing player who can create his own shot, but that's not quite as important.

  • Who Would You Want:

    In Isaiah Thomas and Jason Thompson, the Kings have two players who could help Orlando fill its most glaring needs. Thomas is young, quick, and an explosive scorer, and thus fits the profile of what Otis Smith tends to look for in a point guard. Thompson, too, is young, and he can man either power position. Neither player is a star, by any means, but both are productive and could round out the bench of a team in desperate need of depth.

  • Who's Available, Who's Not:
    The only Magic player who's untouchable is Dwight, though obviously they might have to trade the free-agent-to-be anyway just to avoid losing him for nothing. The Kings aren't a team he'd re-sign with, however, so he's not a realistic option in a trade with Sacramento. I get the sense Orlando would make Anderson available for the right sort of win-now piece--think someone along the lines of Steve Nash or Andre Iguodala--but the Magic wouldn't part with him to upgrade their bench, so I don't think he's realistic for the Kings either. But anyone and everyone else is up for grabs.
  • Will the Magic try to keep Dwight or trade him?
    My feeling, based on some conversations I had during All-Star Weekend, and other reports that surfaced during that time, is that Orlando will roll the dice and keep Howard beyond the deadline. If he leaves during the summer, it can try to sign-and-trade him to his desired destination.
  • My Analysis: In a more fair world, the Kings would be in the hunt for Dwight Howard. But Howard has the power of choosing his destination by virtue of his opt-out clause. Ryan Anderson, hometown kid, has become an excellent player in his own right, and will be a RFA this summer. Orlando will do everything they can to keep him, unless they need to send him out to acquire a piece that would entice Dwight to stay. J.J. Redick is essentially an expiring contract, but he's become a reliable shooter and scrappy defender himself, and would be a welcome addition to any team's bench.
  • Likelihood of a Trade Between Us: I don't really see a direct trade happening between these two teams, but there remains the very distinct possibility of the Kings being a partner in a bigger trade (like a Howard one) as a cap mule. In that instance, I could see Turkoglu or Redick coming to the Kings. Redick I'd happily take without giving anything back, but for Hedo, I'd want to send Salmons back out. Hedo plays a much better version of the Point Forward role the Kings have been trying Salmons out the last few weeks, and he's a better shooter as well. Defensively, Hedo's not the quickest, but he's better than you think. I wouldn't mind seeing Brother Hedo in a Kings uniform again.


Source: Derek Barrows, Bullets Forever

  • Team Needs:

    Everything but PG. All other starting roles have been in doubt; the recent emergence of Trevor Booker gives some stability at the 4.

  • Who Would You Want:

    There aren't any players I think we'd be especially interested in. Maybe Jason Thompson?

  • Who's Available, Who's Not:

    Only John Wall is untouchable. Dray has been shopped aggressively. That's the only public line. GM Ernie Grunfeld's contract is up this off-season, and with roster construction being such a horrendous disaster this year, there's unfounded speculation he may go for broke. That means waiting for an offer for McGee. We'll see.

  • My Analysis: A team that is younger and dumber than the Kings? Possibly. The Wizards and Kings are very similar, both featuring young guards who in the words of their fans "This guy would be unstoppable if he could just hit a jump shot". They've also got other guards who simply love to score (Marcus Thornton/Jimmer Fredette : Nick Young/Jordan Crawford) although I like the Kings guards playmaking skills a bit more. They've both got overpaid, aging wings that don't do much (John Salmons : Rashard Lewis). The difference is in the big man department, as the Wizards haven't gotten much consistency from theirs while DeMarcus Cousins has become a semi-dominant force. McGee's future in Washington could be coming to an end this season, and Andray Blatche has proven to be more trouble than he's worth. Trevor Booker was a nice find. Jan Vesely has looked like the project he is, and probably shouldn't have been taken as early as he was.
  • Likelihood of a trade between us: Like with most teams, I don't see it being likely. McGee will likely command way too much money for a player of his talent level should simply because he's tall and can block shots. One player I could see the Kings taking a look at, as much as I would hate it (really hate) is Andray Blatche. Blatche is a talented player, but he's another big, me-first personality, which the Kings already have too much of. I also don't see the Wizards trading one of the young wings they just recently drafted, although I'm still interested in Chris Singleton.