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Kings Look To End Skid Against -- Oh God, No


The Sacramento Kings have dropped six straight games entering the final weeks of the season; it matches the previous longest losing streak of the season, that one accomplished back in February when the team went out on a tough road trip. No worries, though: only the best team in the Western Conference awaits. The Kings take on the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday, continuing their tough road trip through the heartland.

The Kings are actually 1-0 against the Thunder this season. That game, on national TV and with a packed, loud Blackout crowd, was special. Without that energy and support, I fear a more expected result is likely. The Thunder are brilliant, with perhaps the best scoring forward, point guard and sixth man in the NBA, plus some critical defensive pieces.

This is the first of three games against the Thunder over the next two weeks. OKC is still trying to hold off the Spurs for the No. 1 seed in the West, so don't expect that the Kings will run into a sleepwalking team. Chances are that the Thunder remember the embarrassment of losing in Sacramento on national TV and will seek revenge.

The game's at 5. Game threads will pop at 5 and 6:30. Let's go Kings.