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Maloofs Hold Press Conference, Chaos Ensues

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Well, that happened.

The Maloofs held a press conference earlier today during which they presented what is assumed to be the same presentation they gave to the Board of Governers yesterday. The presentation detailed the Maloof family's perceived problems with the current arena deal that the family agreed to in Orlando.

The presentation began with the Maloof's economist presenting claims that the deal is unrealistic and not acceptable financially. The presentation then went on to claim that the deal was perilous to the city, and suggested the city of Sacramento could not afford the deal as currently constructed.

At the conclusion of the presentation, George Maloof answered questions from the Sacramento media. This is where things really went off the rails. After the jump, a breakdown of the topics covered.

  • The Kings claim to have agreed to a framework, but not to have actually agreed to a deal.
  • The city is not recognizing the S.T.O.P. campaign that could derail the process (despite this claim having already been debunked
  • The Maloofs compared Sacramento to the challenges faced in Stockton's arena effort
  • George held up documents to show notes and arrows that were drawn during meetings. This actually happened.
  • The Kings shared an email from the NBA. It will be interesting to see if they had approval to share an internal email.
  • George said Gavin did not object to the term sheet at the city council meeting because this was not his job. Again, this actually happened.
  • George complained about deadlines being placed on the Maloofs. Yup.
  • George stated that the Kings have put a great product on the floor. I swear to you, all of these are real things.
  • The best bombshell came when George then suggested renovating Power Balance Pavilion. This comes on the heels of 8 years of statements that renovations would be unacceptable and insufficient.
  • George insisted that the Kings are not trying to leave and are committed to Sacramento.
  • George complained about the city sending information to the Bee. As James Ham pointed out, the L.A. Times objects to this complaint.

David Stern has a press conference scheduled for later today. This should be interesting.