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Yes, The Maloofs Do Plan To Attend Sunday's Sacramento Kings Game

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Word spread Saturday night that Joe and Gavin Maloof are coming to Sacramento and will attend the Kings' Sunday night game against the Blazers. Joe confirmed it to The Bee's Ailene Voisin.

We're coming to the games. We'll be there (today). We're not outsiders anymore. It's our team, our city.

This will go well.

I imagine there will be some very creative signs and chants; feel free to brainstorm in the comments if you're still planning to attend. I have but one suggestion, and one suggestion only: if I were in the arena on Sunday, and any of the Maloofs went to center court to address the crowd, I would stand up and turn my back on them like they have turned their back on the city. It seems like the sort of thing that could catch on easily and make for a fitting image. But these are all very personal decisions.