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How The Maloofs Wanted To Frame Their Disastrous Arena Decision

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Chris Lehane has a detailed, powerful letter to the members of Think Big Sacramento out right now. I encourage you to read it. The most important stuff is at the end, and it boils down to three magnificent words: it's not over.

But there are some lines with shorter half-lives but key relevance. Like, say, this detail on the end of the Friday meeting between Kevin Johnson and the Maloofs.

Discussion quickly shifted to how the situation would be communicated to media. The Maloofs and their associates were visibly concerned about public perception and requested a joint statement with the Mayor framing this as a "no-fault divorce."

The Mayor politely declined, shook hands, and exited the building.

What gall. "I know we just lied to you for a year, destroyed a cornerstone project in your hometown and burned every bridge in sight. Can you take half the blame?"

How difficult is must have been not to roll up his shirtsleeves and leave behind a few more black eyes than the Maloofs already have.