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NBA Owners Reportedly Angry At Maloofs' 'Bungling' Of Sacramento Arena Deal

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We are not alone in our disgust at the ways in which the Maloofs have killed the Sacramento arena deal, apparently. According to CBS Sports' Ken Berger, other NBA owners are upset with what's happened over the past three weeks.

Commissioner David Stern backed the Maloofs' decision to pull out of the deal, calling it "their prerogative." But the Maloofs' fellow owners are at their wit's end with the family's bungling of the arena deal, according to a person familiar with the Board of Governors' stance.

"We can complain, we can jawbone them, but there's nothing we can do," the person said. "We can't force them to sell."

Berger also has a quote from Glen Taylor, owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves and chairman of the NBA Board of Governors. Taylor is also a member of the relocation committee.

"I really wish they would've stayed and worked with the city," Taylor said. "I think the city has come a long way. It's been a good community, and I wish they could resolve their differences."

As has been noted, NBA owners nor the commissioner can replace a team owner under circumstances like the one we face. This isn't Major League Baseball. The Maloofs have an anti-trust lawyer on retainer precisely to deter overreaching by the league and to protect their rights to be impossibly nausea-inducing.

But having the owners -- any owners -- on our side is a Good Thing. Any votes against relocation in 2013, 2014 or 2015 are votes for Sacramento's NBA future. That means something. It's our job to continue to remind the Board of Governors that Sacramento is a viable and fertile NBA market, and that the Kings belong here.