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Sacramento Arena Deal: Ending The Revenue Projection 'Debate'

The Maloofs' economist Chris Thornberg has trumpeted allegations that the city trumped up its revenue projections in its formulation of the Sacramento Kings arena deal. This has been one of the pillars of the Maloofs' opposition to the deal, in addition to huge matters like "wanting a gift instead of a loan" and "not wanting to pay for police or fire coverage" and "having control over arena naming rights, because, you know, Shake Weight is still available!"

As you may have guessed based on the toothless, vague defense of that position that Thornberg offered in a Tuesday op-ed piece, those revenue projection concerns are completely fabricated. From today's Bee:

City officials said their projections, based on discussions with the NBA, arena operator AEG and the city's NBA consultant, are for 15,200 fans per Kings game - fewer than the 17,300 fans the team averaged through two decades of sellouts, but more than this year's average attendance of 14,228.

Overall, the city projected the new arena would hold 152 events annually, including 40-plus Kings games, and attract 1.4 million attendees, said Assistant City Manager John Dangberg. That's roughly what Power Balance Pavilion officials said they have drawn in recent years.

You mean the NBA and city didn't conspire to put together a deal that could never work? Gee, how amazing.

The Maloofs' position is without merit. This is not a debate. Don't let any of their macaroni stick to the wall.