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Kings Stay Home For Visit From Timberwolves

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Over the weekend, the Sacramento Kings continued a season-long trend: they played well against a tough team (the Jazz) and played awful against a bad team (the Nets). It is a mystifying regime that mystifies.

On Monday, the Minnesota Timberwolves visit. Minny is about as close to being out of the race as a team can be without being out of the race: it would take some kind of divine intervention to get them to the postseason at this point, but the team's boss is well-versed in Manna from Heaven, so ... you never know. Kevin Love is one of the league's five best players on offense, and he's actually not bad on defense at this point. Where there's Love, there's hope, and I promise I'm done with that.

But as the Wolves aren't really a tough team at this point without Nikola Pekovic or Ricky Rubio, it's hard to imagine what version of the Kings will grace us on Monday. The defense on Saturday against New Jersey was stunningly bad, not because it's stunning that the Kings play poor defense (that is the norm) but that it was stunning how open the Nets were constantly. Minnesota doesn't have many shooters, but if you give any ol' NBA players enough space, they'll sink their shots. (Note: this theory does not apply to members of the Sacramento Kings on most occasions.)

The game's at 7. Game threads are set for 7 and 8:30. Let's go Kings!