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Maloofs Continue To Spin Out Of Control

There could be good news for the first time in weeks as Kevin Johnson plans to attend Friday's Kings vs. Thunder game as legend Oscar Robertson will be recognized. KJ tells News10's Nick Monacelli that expects to share a few minutes of conversation with Joe and Gavin Maloof; that's something.

Let's hope George Maloof isn't there, because he's still being entirely ridiculous. From Monacelli's story:

"We put a lot of money on the table," George Maloof said. "We put $67 million on the table, we put a surcharge on our ticket sales, which would have probably come out to $60 or $70 million over the term of the contract, so we put a lot of money on the table and it wasn't enough for the city."


It was enough for the city. It was too much for you. You pulled out because you didn't think your ticket surcharge -- paid by us, remember? -- would add up to $67 million, and you didn't want to tap into other profits you'd be pulling from the new arena. You pulled out because you didn't want to promise to stay for 30 years. Because you didn't want to guarantee your existing city loan with collateral. Because you wanted the option to sell to a party who wouldn't be subject to the lease agreement. Because you are already so burdened with debt that you couldn't further leverage your family's low-liqudity "tremendous personal wealth."

What an insane attempt at spin.