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Maloofs Won't Talk To Kevin Johnson At Kings Game

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It's Fan Appreciation Night at the ol' Snake Oil tonight, and Kevin Johnson will be in attendance. In an attempt to thaw the arena situation, KJ told reporters he'd likely chat with the Maloofs before or during the game just as the city's Think Big group told its supporters that "Plan A" might still fly.

Insert the buzzer sound from Maloofs spokesman Eric Rose.

"They'll shake his hand, welcome him like every other fan, but they are not going to have a discussion tonight," Rose said.

With every waking moment, I become more and more interested in how on Earth Eric Rose still manages to have a job. In case you missed it from the other, our friend Jon Santiago asked Rose if the Maloofs had seen or would respond to the open letter from Here We Stay. Rose's response then?

"The Kings are not going to respond to every open letter sent to them," said Eric Rose. "We appreciate your support for the Kings."

What a doll.