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Last-Ditch Sacramento Arena Talks: Can You Spare Some Hope?

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Because I have little left. At least for this incarnation of the project.

Kevin Johnson and George Maloof will reportedly meet and talk about the Sacramento arena project today. The city maintains that there's no room to budge on the principal matters on its end. The Maloofs have not indicated a willingness to come off even their most outrageous requests (like no collateral on a refinanced city loan, or a shorter lease, or the ability to transfer ownership to a company not subject to the lease). What the two sides will actually talk about is a bit mystifying. I've learned not to doubt KJ, but the political forces at play have tapped him out. Without a sudden strike of sanity among the Maloofs, I don't see how we get to where we need to go.

But I'd love to be proven wrong. It's unclear when or for how long the sides will meet -- The Bee says "several hours" -- so use this as your arena talks open thread. The game preview will be along in the afternoon.