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StR TV: George Maloof Is Trolling Sacramento

In my StR TV debut, I react to the latest death of the Sacramento Kings arena deal and, more importantly, George Maloof's insane spin.

Please be kind. I am not made for TV. It would be rad if you subscribed to StR TV and SB Nation. We'll be doing stuff all summer, and I hope to rope our friends on the masthead into it, too. By subscribing to SB Nation, you get amazing stuff like Bomani & Jones, Shutdown Fullback, The Full Nelson and The Sporting Gentlemen, plus team reports from our brother (and sister) blogs like Blazer's Edge and McCovey Chronicles. Seriously, join it for all of that crazy talent ... and put up with me every once in a while.

You should be able to download Maloof's insane interview with Grant Napear on sometime soon.