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Let's Talk To The NBA Board Of Governors

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Back to the top. Have you sent your letter yet? -- TZ

We've had successful letter campaigns to the Sacramento City Council, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors and the NBA's relocation committee. Let's add another pelt.

Next week, the NBA Board of Governors will meet for their season-end meetings. One of the topics will be the Sacramento arena situation. As we all know, there's been a good bit of drama over the past week. While we hope Sacramento will be represented at the meeting, we need to make sure that the owners understand that our city, our fans and our business community has done its part. So we're asking y'all to send a letter (a sample is available below) to the Board of Governors ahead of their meetings next week.

Let's remind the owners how much this matters to us, and that we have held up our end of the bargain.

Here's the sample. Feel free to modify or write your own. We do ask that everyone makes their best attempt at keeping it positive, as difficult as that may seem.


Dear NBA Board of Governors,

The Sacramento community has clearly demonstrated its ability to support an NBA franchise, both emotionally and financially. The city of Sacramento has put together a financing plan for a new entertainment and sports complex that includes a substantial contribution of up to $250 million. I believe Sacramento is in a great position to carry on this relationship with the NBA, and I am excited about the possibilities of a new downtown entertainment and sports complex.

Thank you for your commitment to small markets.

(Your Name)


You can send it in here: (Select the "Business of the NBA" option.)

You can also post it as a comment on the NBA's Facebook page: Please, please be positive there.

You can also send it to individual owners if you track down contact info. There are some in our relocation committee outreach thread.