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POLL: Where Should Isaiah Thomas Finish In Rookie Of The Year Voting?


Isaiah Thomas is almost assuredly not going to be the NBA Rookie of the Year. Kyrie Irving's numbers are stronger across the board, and people outside of Sacramento and Tacoma have heard of Kyrie Irving. Kyrie Irving should be the Rookie of the Year, because he was the best rookie this year, and I'm sorry if that offends anyone.

The interesting question to me is where I.T. lands. Does he beat out Ricky Rubio, who had his team rolling toward a potential playoff berth before getting injured? What about Klay Thompson, who was so good toward the end of the season that Mark Jackson actually sat him in order to tank?

Let's see what our obviously biased community thinks. Given that WE ARE SACRAMENTO, we can then add five and figure out Isaiah's eventual placement.

Feel free to add your top five in the comments.