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Kings Didn't Suffer Unduly From Injuries


One of a couple of excuses peddled to explain the Sacramento Kings' relative lack of progress this season has been injury troubles. But data from the Sixers' stats person published by SB Nation brother site NetsDaily shows that by the raw numbers the Kings were actually pretty fortunate on the injury front.

At least 10 Kings missed time due to injury, but most of the absences were brief. According to the data, Sacramento only lost 73 player-games to injury, the sixth-lowest figure in the league. The most: the Nets lost 248 player-games to injury, just about 3-1/2 times than Sacramento did.

Of course, context is missing from the equation here; injuries to, say, LeBron James and DeShawn Stevenson aren't remotely the same on the court. Using this data, they are the same on paper. The Kings' biggest injuries were to Chuck Hayes (who wasn't great when on the court), Marcus Thornton (who was one of the team's better players) and John Salmons (who had a good run once moved to the bench, where he was injured). So the raw numbers may underrate the actual impact injuries had on the Kings.