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League: No Meeting Scheduled Between David Stern, Manny Pangilinan


An NBA spokesman told Sactown Royalty on Saturday that there is no meeting between commissioner David Stern and Filipino tycoon Manny V. Pangilinan scheduled. A report out of Manila this week said that Stern and MVP would meet to discuss a deal to buy the Kings, a team that is not for sale.

MVP has been tied to the Kings via reports and rumors for a while now, and was said to be involved in the Chris Webber group that popped up last year. In an excellent podcast on Cowbell Kingdom, Rafe Bartholomew, author of Pacific Rims, explained MVP's interest in NBA ownership and the Philippines' love affair with basketball.

One note of particular interest from Bartholomew's chat with Jon Santiago and Jameser Ham is that Tyreke Evans was apparently added to the roster for last summer's Manila All-Star event because MVP wanted to see the King play in person. It remains unclear why Hassan Whiteside wasn't also added.

But dreams of new owners will apparently remain just that. MVP seems like a solid No. 2 in the Dream Owner Power Rankings, behind Ron Burkle.