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Maloofs Continue To Ignore The Reality That No One Much Likes Them


You'll remember that a bunch of local business leaders hastily put together a letter denouncing the Maloofs as NBA owners just before the family went to New York to destroy the Sacramento arena plan. That letter really upset the Maloofs -- they like setting relationships on fire themselves, not to watch someone else handle it.

Well, in the long aftermath of the deal's decomposition, the Maloofs apparently caught wind that not all of those 21 business owners actually signed that letter, so they hired a former FBI investigator to look into it. For what reason? At what end? Great question! But, obviously, some of the business owners took umbrage at a Maloof P.I. prying, and CBS Sacramento did a story on the issue over the weekend. Now The Bee is covering it, as the business owner who led the charge on the letter admits that not everyone could make the signing, so a few names are forged.

The Maloofs' mouthpiece Eric Rose, who does not have time to compose responses to letters from fan groups, had time to rip the business owners and say that Think Big Sacramento, the mayor's superlative arena task force, should be called Think Big Fraud.

You know what this is? A massive distraction from the fact that the most powerful business owners in the city want to see the Maloofs lose the Kings. Whether 16 or 19 or 21 business owners signed that particular letter, rest assured that dozens want them out. Thousands of fans want them gone. No amount of B.S. teapot politics will change that.

The Maloof family is not wanted here. Now please leave the team where you found out.