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Why Sacramento Deserves To Win The NBA Draft Lottery


The 2012 NBA Draft Lottery is Wednesday at 5 p.m. Pacific. We'll find out then that some new wrinkle in league rules has managed to result in the Sacramento Kings falling to No. 12, even though we're currently slotted at No. 5, and unlikely to fall below No. 6. The Kings have been the unluckiest team in the lottery since 2009, when Sacramento had the league's worst record and fell to No. 4. In 2010, the Kings had the third worst record and fell to No. 5. In 2011, the Kings were the league's fifth worst team, fell to No. 7 in the lottery and amazingly dropped to No. 10 for the grace of Geoff Petrie and John Salmons. (Hallelujah.)

If there's good news, it's that nothing -- even bad luck -- lasts forever. The Grizzlies had been terribly unlucky in the lottery going back to 2003 before landing the No. 2 pick in 2009. (The Hasheem Thabeet pick showed why the Basketball Gods never trusted Memphis with a top-3 pick upon its relocation.) The Wolves had recently been unlucky, but landed No. 2 last season. The Wizards had fallen as far as the Kings did in '09, but landed No. 1 from behind the Kings in '10.

Is it time for Sacramento to rise again in the lottery? Fingers crossed.

But what we really need to appease The Basketball Gods is the best case possible for why Sacramento needs to be catapulted to the top. Cleveland had the international gutpunch that was The Decision. The Wizards had the disastrous end of the Gilbert Arenas era. The Clippers had 30 years of mostly awful history. Our case seems pretty straightforward, but I'd like to see how our best commenters and lurkers best frame it. Let's hear it.