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Kings Will Pick No. 5 In 2012 NBA Draft

The Kings will pick No. 5 in the 2012 NBA Draft. It marks the first time in four seasons that the Kings didn't drop in the lottery, so ... progress! There will be good -- maybe great -- prospects available at No. 5. Anthony Davis will definitely be gone, and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Thomas Robinson will likely be gone, too. But names like Bradley Beal, Harrison Barnes, Perry Jones III, Andre Drummond, Jared Sullinger and John Henson could be on the board. (At least five of those guys will be on the board.)

It is unfortunate that the one West team worse than the Kings ended up with Davis, who figures to be an instant factor in the NBA. The Kings' big men will have their hands full with the insane prospect for years to come. (Sigh.) But hey, we have Hassan Whiteside DeMarcus Cousins.

There's lot of talk left to do this draft season. We have just under a month to fall in and out of love with prospects and bicker about heart, upside and the best path forward. I can't wait.

UPDATE: Via Aykis, Isaiah wins.

Who got the 60th pick? Lol