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NBA Mock Draft: DraftExpress Puts Andre Drummond At No. 5 To Kings

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The best NBA mock draft in the business, from DraftExpress' Jon Givony, took team needs into account following the firming up of the 2012 draft order on Wednesday. Lo, it's Andre Drummond who lands at No. 5 to the Sacramento Kings.

This could be shades of 2010, where arguably the second-most-talented player in the draft fell to the No. 5 pick, only to be swooped up by the Sacramento Kings. Drummond could slip for different reasons than DeMarcus Cousins did, but there's little doubt the two complement each other fairly well, possibly forming one of the biggest and most physically gifted frontcourts in the NBA.

As I wrote Wednesday night, there's a pretty strong chance Drummond falls (at least) to No. 5 based on the surer futures of the other top prospects. I remain completely convinced that Washington won't touch Drummond having won the No. 3 pick, and Cleveland will have a choice of some really good prospects.

As I've noted before, my feelings on Drummond change with the wind. I'd love to be convinced. For what it's worth, both Givony and Chad Ford have rated Drummond really highly.