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Blazers Haven't Requested Permission To Interview Geoff Petrie, But Kings Would Grant It's Sam Amick has a full round-up of front office movement orbiting around the Portland Trail Blazers' vacancy. The local hook is the continued suggestion by folks in the Oregon media that Sacramento Kings basketball ops chief Geoff Petrie is still considered an option up north. But have the Blazers, who are actively seeking a new GM, reached out to the Kings to ask permission to talk to Petrie? Not yet.

If they do, they'll get an OK from the Maloofs, Amick reports.

With one season left on his contract, there continues to be conflicting signs about his future with the team, and while co-owner Joe Maloof told on Saturday that Portland has not requested permission to speak with Petrie, he said he would allow him to pursue the opportunity if that was his wish.

"We'd love to keep him, but we aren't going to hold him back if he did get another offer," Joe Maloof said. "It's whatever he decides."

I don't think there's any chance Petrie ends up back in Portland. But a separation that involved him getting another job might actually be the only way he leaves and the only way the Maloofs lose him.

Of course, if Petrie did leave, we'd likely be left with Chris Thornberg or Eric Rose as the team's GM, so ...