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Carmichael Dave Appreciation Thread

In more sad news for the citizens of Sacramento, local radio personality Carmichael Dave today announced that he is no longer with CBS Radio/KHTK.

As if today I am no longer a part of CBS Radio. I'll expand later. To each and every person that has put up with my voice, I love you. I'm not trying to be vague, everything is going at 300mph. Yes I'm fine, no I'm not leaving for something better. KHTK is my home.

Whatever the reason for Dave's departure, he will be missed. Dave was a huge part of the grassroots movement to keep the Kings here, and his "Here We Build" campaign helped kick the fan movement into overdrive. From working with Dave in the grassroots movement, none of his efforts were in any shape or form motivated by a need for personal glory or attention, but instead out of his passion for the Sacramento Kings and the city of Sacramento.

I know Dave reads this site, so I'd like to use this post to wish Dave the best of luck with whatever might come next for him. I'd also like to again personally thank him for all he's done with the grassroots movements. Without Dave, we wouldn't have been nearly as successful as we were.

Thank You.