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Kevin Johnson Still In Communication With David Stern, Still Dumbfounded By Maloofs

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Rob McAllister scored an exclusive sit-down with Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson, and the story is posted over at Cowbell Kingdom. The focus isn't the mayoral or City Council races, which have dominated local news in recent days. It's the continued amazement that the Maloofs killed the arena deal in the fashion that they did.

McAllister also reveals that Johnson and NBA commissioner David Stern still talk weekly about arena items, and KJ gives the impression that Stern is as angry as we are.

"As ticked off as the community and I are, David Stern is not one to take lightly what happened," Johnson added from the mayor's private conference room on the fifth floor of city hall. "(Stern) is very disappointed and disheartened."

Johnson also indicated he'll continue forwarding potential buyers to the Maloofs until they change their answer on selling the team. Man, how I hope they change their mind one of these times.