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Asinine Rudy Gay Trades: Are The Kings A Match?

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Mr. Tom Lorenzo of SB Nation's Grizzlies blog Straight Outta Vancouver had the opportunity to ask other network bloggers whether their teams might be interested in a certain Rudy Gay, the hottest trade name of the summer, and if so, for what? I gave a noncommittal answer.

The Kings are a sweet spot team in this discussion, with cap space to burn, a desperate need for a small forward and some groovy assets. The Kings have $12 million in space, without accounting for its own free agents. Since Gay is due $16 million next season, something like John Salmons or Francisco Garcia plus the team's No. 5 pick for Gay would work by the books. Would it work for the Kings, who claim to be ready to rise and to have interest in a veteran (see: Salmons)? That seems unlikely given the strength of the draft; they stand a chance at landing Harrison Barnes, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist or Thomas Robinson. Those guys on rookie contracts help you a lot more than Gay nearly maxed out.

That's my feeling on the matter. Under no circumstance would I trade Tyreke Evans for Gay, unless Marc Gasol changes his name to Rudy Gay, and then I'd think about it. I know other opinions differ. Let's hear them.