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First Scheduled Kings Draft Workout Features John Henson and Drew Gordon

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The Kings have sent out a press release detailing tomorrow's NBA Draft Prospect workout, the first for the Kings this year.

John Henson, a Power Forward/Center from North Carolina is by far the biggest name of the bunch, and could be in play for the Kings 5th pick. The other invitees are Drew Gordon (PF, New Mexico), Charlie Westbrook (SG, South Dakota), Ricardo Ratliffe (PF, Missouri), Yancy Gates (PF, Cincinnati), Oscar Bellfield (PG, UNLV). Of those players, only Gordon is definitely expected to be drafted sometime in the 2nd round.

Henson is a 21 year old Junior and specializes in defense and rebounding. His physical measurements are nearly identical to that of projected #1 pick Anthony Davis, and they also have similar games, although Henson is much more raw offensively. Henson would likely be considered a reach at 5, but that hasn't stopped Geoff Petrie before, and Henson would definitely fulfill a big need.

This will be the first of many such workouts up until the draft, with Jason Jones reporting that Henson's teammate, Tyler Zeller, is due in Sacramento on Tuesday.