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Introducing: NBA Draft Fan Fiction

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I've struggled to hang a name on whatever it is we're trotting out this week, so let's just explain it. We took the five prospects most likely to be picked by the Kings at No. 5, according to popular sentiment and assuming that Geoff Petrie will not actually pick Terrence Jones that high. We sorted out our projections of how each of those players would impact Sacramento in four ways: the best case scenario, the most realistic result, the worst case scenario and ... well, a bizarro version of the events.

We'll have each scenario for one player roll out throughout each day. Today, Aykis breaks down the Andre Drummond scenarios. Tomorrow, section214 tackles Thomas "Throb" Robinson. On Wednesday, Exhibit G has Bradley Beal for you. I'll handle Harrison Barnes on Thursday, and Aykis will come back around with John Henson on Friday. By the end, you will have laughed, you will have cried, you will have been terribly disturbed. (Primarily by section214's bizarro Throb world.)