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Tyler Zeller Comes to Sacramento Tomorrow

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"Haters Gonna Hate"
"Haters Gonna Hate"

The Kings have announced their second group workout for tomorrow, and Tyler Zeller, Tom's favorite player, is the centerpiece. Zeller is widely expected to be taken somewhere in the late lottery.

Joining Zeller in the workout are JaMychal Green (PF/C, Alabama), Lazeric Jones (PG, UCLA), Charlie Westbrook (SG, South Dakota), Wendell McKines (SF, New Mexico St) and William Buford (SG, Ohio St.)

It's a bit of an odd group, because none of the players involved seem to be in play where the Kings are currently (key word) picking. Drafting Zeller at 5 would be considered a huge reach by almost everyone, including Tyler Zeller's agent. JaMychal Green and William Buford are possibilities at 36 but will probably go much later.