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Kings Hoping Drummond Falls to Them?

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A surprising rumor popped up today, reported by Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio. According to Amico's source, the Kings really want to acquire a big man to pair with Cousins. Here's the exact quote from Amico's article:

Meanwhile, the Kings might be interested in moving their pick for a big man if Connecticut center Andre Drummond doesn't drop to them at No. 5, says a source. "They have enough perimeter guys," the source said. "In fact, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they saw what Marcus Thornton or Tyreke Evans, and maybe their pick, brought them. Probably not enough, but they really want another big to place alongside (DeMarcus) Cousins."

I would take this report with a heavy dose of salt. Andre Drummond could be a good fit for the Kings, yes. But Drummond is also very much a big work in progress, and does not fit Geoff Petrie's usual M.O. of drafting highly skilled or multi-dimensional players.

Still, the Kings are bringing in Andre Drummond to work out on Thursday (in a solo-workout), so there is at least some level of interest.

Sacramento will also be hosting Damian Lillard in a solo-workout tomorrow.