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NBA Draft: Kings To Work Out Damian Lillard On Wednesday

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Damian Lillard, the top-ranked point guard in the 2012 NBA Draft, will visit the Sacramento Kings for a solo workout on Wednesday, the team announced. Lillard is the first non-big first-rounder scheduled to show Sacramento's front office what he can do. The Kings have already seen John Henson and Tyler Zeller, and on Thursday will work out Andre Drummond. It's possible that Lillard will be the only lottery guard the Kings see, given that Bradley Beal will reportedly only work out for the four teams drafting in front of Sacramento.

Lillard, a 6'2 scorer, turns 22 in July and spent four years (one a red-shirt) at Weber State. Like Isaiah Thomas, the Kings' incumbent point guard, Lillard thrives in the pick-and-roll, according to scouting reports, and can shoot from anywhere in the halfcourt. He came up in Oakland and played for the storied Oakland Tech program before joining Weber State.

Will the Kings actually go point guard at No. 5, or are they covering bases in the case they pick up another first-rounder or move down? It's hard to tell, and it may just be a case of Geoff Petrie wanting to take a look at one of the hotter draft names in person.