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NBA Draft: When The Most Sensible Decision Smacks You In The Face

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Two items this week on the Kings' NBA Draft plans smacked me in the face.

First, from our friend James Ham of Cowbell Kingdom:

I mean, that should be kind of a "duh" report ... but here we are spending time talking about John Henson, Terrence Jones and Tyler Zeller. (Of course, we're doing so because the Kings have worked out John Henson, Terrence Jones and Tyler Zeller ... not any of the "consensus top five.")

If there's a strong Tier 2 behind Anthony Davis, it's probably those four prospects: Bradley Beal, Thomas Robinson, Harrison Barnes and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Holding the No. 5 pick, it's guaranteed that at least one of those will be available.

The only issue is whether the Kings agree that Barnes (the most likely to be left on the table, unless Cleveland really is in love with him, which opens up the possibility of MKG or Beal) is a part of that tier. There's also the possibility that the Kings "fear" that Beal (who would enter a crowded backcourt) will be the one there at No. 5, and are preparing for the possibility of trading down to yank another asset out of this.

Getting Barnes in for a work-out would go a long way in making this scenario seem real.

The other item, from Jonathan Givony's latest mock:

Sacramento's front office and coaching staff are reportedly leaning towards picking the player who can help the most next season. They simply do not have the job security to wait on a prospect like Andre Drummond who could take two to three years to develop.

Another "duh" that totally belies worry/focus on Drummond. Part of the draw of Henson, Jones and Zeller is their readiness, but all four of the Tier 2 players are also of the instant contributor mold ... especially Barnes, who Givony has going No. 5.

I blame our bunker mentality on ... well, all of our "sick, sad" scenarios. I apologize. This could end up being a far more simple, calming draft than we're making it out to be.