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NBA Draft: If Bradley Beal Is Popular, That's Good For The Kings

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Rumors are now suggesting that Bradley Beal is gaining in popularity among executives trying to move into the top four in the 2012 NBA Draft. (Why would Beal, a player who won't work out for any team below No. 4, be getting more popular among teams who can't get him into their gym at this point? Who knows?! It's draft season! Nothing makes sense.) If this is accurate, this is good news for the Sacramento Kings.

It'd be good news if teams began to fall (back) into love with Harrison Barnes, too. Or Thomas Robinson. Or Andre Drummond. (Especially Andre Drummond.) Or Damian Lillard. Or anyone slotted in the top-10. A rising tide raises all ships. Increased interest in players expected to be chosen with very high picks increases the value of very high picks. Unless Geoff Petrie falls back in love with Brad Miller or something, it's very hard to mess up Draft Pick Inflation when you have a high draft pick.

The Kings and other teams in the top 10 who are open to trading their picks should be begging that interest in the top prospects reaches fever status over the next 10 days. Which makes you wonder where the rumors are coming from in the first place. Hmm.