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Two Equally Important And Valid Issues With Kings Instability And The NBA Draft

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Chad Ford wrote about agents of NBA Draft prospects being wary of the Bobcats and Kings due to ... organizational deficiencies. Sacramento has two levels of organizational deficiency: at the owner level and in the front office. The Maloofs have jacked this team's outlook halfway to Hades; at this point, most of us expect them to file for relocation in March. That's unstable, and the advocates of young prospects don't like instability.

The front office is also not particularly beloved by many; I've talked to a couple of agents over the past year who absolutely detest how the Kings are run ... and have players on the team.

Ford's right, and the agents who have qualms are right: there are serious issues with the organization. You'd be foolish to prefer coming to the Kings organization right now vs. most others.

But here's an equally true fact: agents of draft prospects want money, and the higher you are drafted, the more money you will make. No agent is going to cost their client money by refusing to visit the Kings. The instability is bad, but it's not "burn hundreds of thousands of dollars" bad.

Frankly, the Kings have been unstable for a couple of years now, though it's worse now than it's been because of the Maloofs' actions. The Kings had no problems getting prospects in last year with a lower pick. They only potential draft pick I see skipping on a visit would be Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, who really should go in the top three. I'd expect Thomas Robinson, Andre Drummond and Harrison Barnes all to visit.